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Man on an assault bike at Relentless Gym


30 day trial just £60 


Welcome to Relentless Gym, situated in Mitcheldean in the heart of the Forest of Dean. Since opening in 2015, our mission has been clear: to establish a fitness community hub, catering to individuals of every age and fitness level. We're dedicated to transforming lifestyles through exercise and nutritional support and our goal is to inspire lifelong functional fitness and strength. Step into our supportive environment where you'll feel at ease pursuing your fitness goals!


Founder & Head Coach


We provide strength and fitness solutions tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Our training options ensure that you can find the right approach for you and your health and fitness goals. 

Emma B

“A few years ago a friend dragged me to a class at Relentless…..and I’ve never looked back! The best most inclusive and friendly gym ever! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
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