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Improve your running

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Runners only need to run to improve performance. Right?

Wrong! We have written this blog for all of you runners who question the importance of being strong.

The importance of strength training for people who compete in endurance events cannot be

underestimated. Back in the day runners ran and genuinely believed that strength training would hinder their running performance, when in fact a stronger muscle has the potential to be a faster muscle. Many other benefits include improved core/midline strength which aids in running gait stability and efficiency of movement.

The stronger your core the less force is lost leaking through weak areas. If you have a weak

muscle that is unable to do its job properly then another muscle will have to compensate for this, resulting in plateau and may even slow you down.

Strength training not only improves your performance, it will also help keep you injury free. A well-designed strength programme will strengthen all joint structures. Despite running being a very natural action for humans, it is high impact and can cause damage, especially if you have poor running technique, muscle imbalances or weak muscles.

We recommend that you improve all over body strength by adding one or two strength sessions per week in addition to your normal training routine.

We would like to congratulate Lindsey Holt in shaving 19 seconds off her park run race this weekend. Linsey has recently added strength training to her inventory for the last four weeks and

has shown big improvements already. Keep up the good work Linsey!

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