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We appreciate that people have hectic lifestyles so we offer a wide variety of flexible packages to suit your needs. We are a no contract gym so you can change your package at anytime to suit you.


Before you get started we would love for you to come in and visit us to see our facilities first hand and to discuss your personal goals and fitness aims with a member of the team.




Why Relentless Gym?


Personal Consultation: An introductory in-person meeting with your coach to discuss your goals, current nutritional and lifestyle habits, and physical capabilities.

Certified Coaching: Within each class or one-on-one session, our team of certified coaches will demonstrate movements, answer questions, then lead you through the workout while effectively modifying all exercises and movements to suit your needs and abilities.

Training Programs: With classes running everyday, we offer a variety of programmes to meet your interests and needs whatever your level and whatever your goal.

Social Gatherings: We are an inclusive and supportive gym, where coaches support clients, clients support clients and clients support coaches. It is a friendly and relaxed place to be.

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